Fulcrum Ultimate Trigger Kit, Fully Adjustable

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What it does:
The Fulcrum is the finest trigger available for the Glock! Complete drop in installation requires no special tools, or the services of a gunsmith. The CNC Billet Aluminum trigger pad has an ergonomic shape with a wide flat face that is ideal for shooting with the pad of your trigger finger as opposed to the rounded face of the factory trigger. The trigger safety of the Fulcrum is 3x wider and more flush when depressed. The trigger safety also features a real spring as opposed to the thin plastic nubbin of the factory safety for greater heat and chemical resistance. The Fulcrum trigger features adjustment screws for PRE and OVER travel. Range of trigger movement can be shortened to ¼” overall, with all factory safeties intact. Trigger reset has been shortened by half so that pistol can fire mechanically faster. The trigger bar is high polished and precision ground to help eliminate trigger creep and allow the trigger to stack up and break consistently.  Includes Skeletonized Firing Pin which has an extended tip for improved strike and precision machined and polished engagement surfaces to eliminate trigger creep. This is our top of the line trigger kit.

Parts Included: 
  • Adjustable Fulcrum Trigger Bar & Trigger
  • Ejector Housing
  • V4 Race Connector
  • Stainless Steel Firing Pin Safety
  • Skeletonized Firing Pin
  • Trigger Spring
  • Reduced Power Striker Spring
  • Standard Power Striker Spring
  • Reduced Power Firing Pin safety Spring
  • Glock factory ejector housing
  • Adjustment wrenches
  • Instruction manual

Expected Results: 
  • Fully adjustable pre-travel and over travel
  • Adjustable trigger pull weight
  • A smooth trigger pull all the way through to the break
  • Improved reset and faster follow up shots
  • Increased Safety

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