NorthTech Defense

Northtech Defense was started by an Oregon based machining/manufacturing company in 2012. Prior to starting Northtech Defense, the company had a history of making high end CNC machined products in the firearm, aerospace, recreation, and other related parts industries for over 10 years. Our vision is to manufacture and bring to the firearms market, only high-end products and rifle builds that offer the highest quality at a very reasonable price. This is accomplished through manufacturing all products in our shop based in Hubbard, Oregon. Keeping all design and production in-house has allowed us to control our product quality, keep a close eye on tolerances, and also allow us to have the capability to be able to bring innovative products quicker to market. We are constantly improving our entire product design and manufacturing processes. From designing prototypes to refining existing products, no process is above being improved upon. Our commitment is to consistently examine and improve all aspects of our operations. We believe that the best way to innovate is to be closely involved with the shooting community. Northtech Defense has developed lasting relationships in all end user market segments. We have strong connections with Military personal, Law Enforcement organizations, 3 gun competitors, the average rifle enthusiast and home defense users. We are supporters of gun rights throughout the country. We view each and every customer as an important part of Northtech Defense. We are passionate that our customers are satisfied with both our products and services. Our primary focus is our customers and their satisfaction.