The goal is simple, have the best raffle possible.  What that means to us can be broken down to a few must have features. 

The item will be chosen by us, we seek only to source the newest, best and most desirable items from well known and established manufacturers who have proven themselves to provide the best offering in their respective category.  Think Trijicon, Geissele, L3, Noveske, etc., no junk, and nothing used, all items will be new and in original packaging. 

The price per entry will be reasonable and balanced with decent odds of winning, relative to the cost of the prize item.  The goal is to find the perfect medium between the two categories of cost and odds.  We do not want your odds to be 1 out of 1,000 nor do we want to offer items with a ticket entry cost of $100.

Two key pieces that will amount to making our raffles one of the best is fairness and transparency.  No one likes feeling cheated out of their hard earned money or even the feeling that they might have or could have been.  The way we will prevent any sort of question of legitimacy of the process or the winner is that we will live stream the entire raffle.  No wondering if someone paid extra to win or if we spent 15 minutes filming 20 takes before we landed on the right winner and posted the results.  We will be using a randomizer wheel ( www.wheeldecide.com feel free to play with it on your own time to verify) and will be live streaming the drawing on our Instagram page @twobrotherstactical.  The drawing and live stream will take place the first Sunday evening at 9:00 PM (Pacific time) once all tickets have been sold.

The last item needed for a great raffle is product on hand and fast free shipping.  We will buy the item before a single ticket is sold, that way as soon as the last ticket is sold, we can proceed to the raffle and ship the item out as quickly as possible.  Shipping will be provided USPS Priority and tracking will be mailed to the winner.  Drawing will take place Sunday night, prize will be shipped Monday, easy as that. 

We look forward to providing you with a fun and honest raffle with a fair chance at some great prize items.  If you have any recommendations, feedback or questions we'd love to hear them.