Co-Witness Sight Set - Plain Rear, Plain Front

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What it does:
Zev Technologies™ iron sight sets also referred to as co-witness sights, are an inexpensive addition that a Glock® owner can make to their firearm. The top 3 complaints from Glock® owners are the trigger, grip, and sights. ZEV backup iron sights (BUIS) are designed to be used with one of the many mini red dot sights available on the market - such as Trijicon RMR. Because of this, ZEV Co-Witness Sight Sets are an excellent addition for either absolute or 1/3 co-witness applications.

Parts Included: 
  • Rear sight
  • Front Sight
  • Mounting Hardware and Tools

  • Rear Notch Width: .140
  • Rear Notch Depth: .145
  • Front Sight Height: .300
  • Plain front and rear sight