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M&P M2.0 Duty Carry Trigger Kit with AEK Trigger - Polymer

$ 113.95 $ 164.95

What it does:
The Apex Duty/Carry Kit is engineered to provide the M&P M2.0 pistol owner with a smooth, consistent trigger pull with the advantages of shorter over-travel and shortened trigger reset. All of the components work together to provide a pull weight within the acceptable range for a top end, service pistol. The kit itself is designed to be drop-in and should not require further gunsmithing, however, armorer or gunsmith installation is recommended.

The Apex Action Enhancement Trigger directly replaces the factory hinged trigger with a solid body polymer trigger, and a center mounted pivoting safety. The rounded face of the trigger provides a smooth comfortable surface for the shooter’s finger while firing. The trigger also reduces pre-travel and over-travel from the factory trigger.

Parts Included: 
  • Polymer Action Enhancement Trigger 
  • Fully machined sear
  • Ultimate Striker Block / Spring
  • Sear Spring
  • Duty Carry Trigger return spring
  • Trigger Slave Pin 
  • Talon Tactical Tool

Expected Results: 
  • Reduced trigger pre-travel and over travel 
  • A smooth trigger pull all the way through to the break
  • Improved safety values through the use of a center mounted pivoting safety
  • 5lbs to 5.5lbs trigger pull weight

Works with M2.0  9mm, .40 and .45 M&Ps
Does NOT fit M&P Shield & Bodyguard models
Does NOT function with Apex Forward Set Sear Trigger Kits


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