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Black DLC Ti-Fang - DLC Titanium Forward Assist

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The Northtech Defense DLC coated black Titanium Forward Assist Next Generation (Ti-FANG) is a precision CNC machined part to fit all Mil-spec upper receivers, both forged and billet. Manufactured from high strength grade titanium that reduces the weight by 40% over standard steel Mil-spec forward assists. The button, shell and shaft are made of Titanium. The bolt pusher is CNC precision machined from 316 stainless steel. This is a must have piece that not only makes the Northtech Defense billet upper standout but other uppers as well. A serious upgrade for the AR15/AR10 platform due to it’s construction, materials and stylized design throughout.



  • Precision CNC machined from high strength grade titanium and 316 stainless steel
  • Works great in direct impingement and piston driven systems, as well as semi and full auto weapons
  • Fits all mil-spec upper receivers, both forged and billet
  • 40% lighter than standard steel mil-spec forward assists
  • Coated with Black Diamond-Like Coating


Parts Included: 
  • Black DLC Coated Ti-Fang Forward Assist
  • Spring
  • Roll Pin


AR15 / M4 patterned Upper Receivers *NFA rules apply*
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