Apex Tactical

M&P Duty / Carry Spring Kit

$ 19.90 $ 20.95

What it does:
The purpose of this kit is to give shooters the ability to fine-tune their trigger pull by utilizing any combination of springs.  Paired with the Apex Hard Sear, the Apex Duty/Carry Spring Kit will increase the trigger weight by approximately 1.5 lbs from approximately 4 lbs.  When used alone, the kit will increase trigger pull weight. Perfect for use with Apex Fully machined Sear and Ultimate Striker Block to achieve a safe duty/carry trigger pull weight of 5-5.5 lbs.

Parts Included: 
  • Duty / Carry Trigger Return Spring
  • Sear Spring (1/8")
  • Trigger Slave Pin (for installation)

Expected Results: 
  • Fine tuned trigger pull weight, according to user when used in conjunction with other parts.
  • Trigger pull approx 5.5lbs 
  • Increased trigger pull weight when used alone (approx 1.5lb)

Works with all M&P models (Bodyguard excluded)

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