What upgrade should I do to my gun first?

Posted: Apr 25 2017

What upgrade should I do my pistol, my rifle, my shotgun etc.?  

Gone are the days when aftermarket was a bad word and anything other than OEM was "junk" or a "knock off".  With huge leaps in increases in production technology, better availability of industrial quality machines, and most importantly; creative, passionate, almost fanatic people with the vision and work ethic to turn their ideas into a product and bring those to the industry - the selection of aftermarket accessories and upgrades has become increasingly abundant.  In all honesty, all of us shooters owe a debt of gratitude to these people for their contributions and the plethora of upgrades and the diversity of modifications that are available.

So, with all these great choices it can get confusing, what upgrade should I do to my gun first?  Well it's a pretty common question, and one that gets asked by / to, gun owners on a daily basis.  It's safe to say that the question is probably asked by a lesser experienced shooter to a more veteran shooter/modifier/gun owner.  In some cases, the question may even be asked by someone who is yet to make their first firearm purchase and the accessorizing is a part of their decision making process.  The goal of this short blurp is to help you make the best decision.

I will do my best give a direct answer to the question but as you read please realize it's important to consider you, your type of gun, your intended use, your budget etc.  Since we are not mind readers, we will give you the information, it's up to you to apply it best to your situation.